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Friends Only
Add me and maybe I'll add you back. Maybe. If you're dumb, that probably means I won't add you back. Please, take it personally. :D

thank you for adding me <3

erm I never know what to say... well I added you to my friends list. :)

xoxoxx <3

you add me, i add you?
yeah! yeah!

Hey. I added you, hope you don't mind. =\


i added you and i'd really like to be added back.
it would be nice to get to know you.

i've added you. add me back?

i added you, winter. i hope you DO mind jkjkjkkkkkj k.

hey winter,
its erin from toxic54.net
just wanted to let ya know i'm adding you :)

oh, i've added you as well. ♥

*adds you*

it's forked, btw.

adding you, winter !!<3 :)

added you. hope you can add me back :)